My Super Spy

A Free Android Spy Application

Free super spy application that will let you spy on your friend or spouse easily


Did you ever wanted to spy on your girlfriend? Want to know what you boyfriend is doing? You think your wife may be cheating on you? Your husband is late recently?

With My Super Spy you can spy on others, and easily.


With My Super Spy you can easily:

  • Eavesdrop on their conversations
  • Capture their pictures secretly
  • Find out where they are
  • Get their SMS and call lists

You can set a password so that only you can operate the spy. The application will hide itself after installation, so your victim will not be aware it is there.

My Super Spy is controlled from another mobile phone with SMS messages.


To spy on another phone, just install My Super Spy on that phone and with a super simple set up you are ready to spy on that phone.

Note: the application is provided for entertainment purposes only! In some countries, some of the application features may be illegal.

Q & A

Q: Why are all these permissions needed by "My Super Spy"?

A: As a spying application, My Super Spy needs access to the device phone, camera and SMS functions, and it requires all these permissions to do so. In addition, the application "hides" itself after it is installed, and this require additional permissions. If you are not sure about it - just don't install it (and try to avoid installing it on your own phone so that others may not spy on you!!!)

Want More?

With My Super Spy pro (completely free) you can control your spy from your laptop (using your browser).

My Super Spy pro will be released soon on this page, stay tuned.